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Why Is Josh.ai the Perfect Smart Home Voice Control Platform?

Embrace Intuitive Voice Control That Respects Your Privacy 

Voice control was always the dream for smart homes, but we didn’t recommend it to our clients when we first started due to its unreliability. Amazon Alexa was the first to change that around 2014, with fairly accurate voice recognition, an affordable price point, and integration with a wide range of devices. Shortly after, Siri and Google Home added other voice-enabled options.

Though these devices have since expanded into multi-device ecosystems, they’re still more geared to DIY installations than fully automated homes. That’s where Josh.ai comes in. Founded in 2015, the company focuses entirely on smart home applications for luxury environments. So, what does that mean for your Chicago, IL, home? Below, we answer some common questions about Josh.ai to help outline how it differs from off-the-shelf solutions. 

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What Are the Key Features of a Josh.ai System?

Josh.ai’s primary focus is voice control (though, as we’ll showcase later, it does much more than that). Its advanced language processing allows for much more complex, contextual demands than its counterparts, so you can interact with your smart home more conversationally. 

It integrates naturally with a wide range of smart home ecosystems—from entry-level brands like Nice to premier ones like Crestron. This integration lets you manage lighting, climate, entertainment, and security using voice commands. Josh will recognize what room you are in and adjust the technology in that room specifically unless directed otherwise. You can also use advanced customization to create scenes that simultaneously control multiple features. For example, 

  • Say, “Josh, I want to watch TV in the living room,” and the shades close, your TV powers up, and the lights dim for optional viewing. 
  • Say, “Josh, it’s bedtime for the kids,” and the lights dim, the TV turns off, and the shades close in their bedroom. 
  • Say, “Josh, I’m cooking dinner,” and the lights will turn on over the stove, and music will start playing in the kitchen.
  • Say, “Josh, I’m working out,” and the lights in your home gym will turn on, shades close, and your go-to workout playlist will start. 

How Does Josh.ai Ensure User Privacy and Security?

Luxury homeowners place a huge premium on privacy, so sometimes, they’re reluctant to integrate standard voice assistants. With Josh’s focus on luxury residences, it knew privacy had to be key to its service offerings. It does a few things to protect your data without sacrificing functionality. 

First, while systems like Alexa and Google send commands to the cloud for processing, Josh relies entirely on local processing, so no data is transmitted outside of your home. Second, there is no selling or sharing your data to third parties. Amazon and Google sell their devices cheaper because they make money by selling your information to advertisers. Josh.ai built its brand on the belief that clients would pay more for their product if it meant it was focusing entirely on their smart home environment and not on turning families into marketing data farms. 

Finally, there are some additional security controls to protect your privacy. All data is encrypted, and installers use strict password requirements and user roles to restrict access to your data further. Josh lets users set their privacy settings—you choose how much data the system collects and when it’s deleted. 

How Can Josh.ai Be Integrated into Existing Smart Home Systems?

In theory, Josh.ai can be self-installed, but the company works primarily through a dealer network and recommends working with one of its certified integrators for optimal integration, fully utilizing Josh’s customization options, and receiving ongoing support and software updates. 

Also, Josh.ai does not rely on typical smart speakers. The system runs on the Josh Core, which connects to the network and handles voice processing, device integration, and automation. This Core connects to microphones (the Josh Micro and Josh Nano) typically mounted on the wall. A professional will ensure these are flush-mounted to support your home’s aesthetics. Both can be custom-painted to fit their surroundings. 

Does Josh.Ai Offer Other Options Besides Voice Control?

If you want to forgo voice control for any reason (say, the baby just went down for a nap), Josh 

offers some alternatives. The Josh.ai app includes an award-winning interface and allows you to make changes manually and edit any curated scenes. The Josh.ai Touchscreen has access to this same interface and can be wall-mounted or placed on the tabletop. 

Tactical control may be the best option if you’re watching a movie. Josh.ai offers its Cinema Remote with a dynamic keypad, which allows you to manage video, music, lighting, and shading using physical buttons. It also includes a touchscreen for more expansive control. 

The Mobile App, Touchscreens, and Remotes all have native voice control capabilities as well. 

What Is the Latest Josh GPT Feature?

In June 2023, Josh.ai introduced the first GPT-powered smart home platform with Josh GPT. This allows for advanced AI integration using the same large language model and generative AI technology behind Open AI’s Chat GPT. While that sounds cool, what does that mean for your day-to-day interactions with it?

Use even more natural language conversations with your system and ask follow-up questions across various topics beyond your day-to-day interactions. Aside from standard commands, you’ll get conversational responses, general knowledge, and assistance planning your day. For example, 

  • Say, “Josh, turn on the kitchen lights and give me a recipe for chicken enchiladas.” 
  • Say, “Josh, open the shades at 6 a.m. and pull up the day’s weather forecast.”
  • Say, “Josh, what actor plays Colin Bridgerton?”

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